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Political Consequences of Being a Woman

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Super businesswoman

Mishaal H. Sherazi: What is it that 21st century society seems terribly confused on distinction of genders. Some activist claim that there is virtually no disparity between the X and the Y factor and both can well fit into each other’s shoes. I sincerely wish it were so.

While it would be unjust to tag particular tasks with women’s expertise in it, there certainly are certain traits so predominant in women that leaving men schooled and in need of female backing.

However, in the beginning, women felt a lot left out of politics and thus fought hard for their rights to vote and sit in the parliament chambers. Such statements may sound hilarious to an educated person when they recall the times of Delilah, Catherine de’ Medici, Cleopatra and many others alike. It’s not a gun-smoke revelation that women have always been in politics and don’t judge me for being bias but they always outshine men.

Think of all the epic love novels! While they are beautiful in every which way, they reek of a marketing scheme made essentially by women. The idea they nail is, men should die for love and men have died for women by thousands and still do. Whether it’s the lady’s bidding or her safety,the man has tunes his reason out and plunges himself headlong to face danger with remotely any fear of consequences.

Women have had the power to overturn empires and they used it so with impeccable sophistication. Women who believe they have no part in politics even today have just got to be lazy. One reason for this laziness is they no longer deem themselves capable in spending time shrewdly plotting the fates of their husbands, families, neighbors and everyone else who steps on their life paths.

Well, the idea is not new! Since ancient times the safety of the family has always been in the hands of a woman and the sorry things is, that there has never been any appreciation for all that the ladies have done to these thick-skulled, dock-headed men (sorry, no offence).

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, it seems that men have forcibly fashioned society in such a way that a lot of woman have stepped down as leaders and taken their submissive roles being reduced to household chores.

Does it need any telling that Pakistan caters to a creed of insecure men that deny women as much as right for higher education and perhaps the right to live as well. They feel that by banning their exposure to knowledge, they could crumble the women power and they’d dare not step up as strong political movers.

Very little has yet been done to facilitate women during elections in the political process. This is owing to fear that they might actually end up leading the political parties and drive out men with their political insight. Who can deny this after Ex. Prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

This is not just it! Male chauvinism has currently made radical Islam its tool to impede women’s access to public sphere in politics and work. Hence, rather than being the center stage and running the show, they have taken the role to encourage and motivate men in playing their political and social role splendidly. Malala is one of them who tried to break the glass ceiling and steal the pants. She has emerged as an exceptional advocate of such eschewed women in Pakistan’s rural society. But there are many more to fight and follow!

On the other hand, in the so-called-modern society, Pakistani women try to join clubs, movements and social events to assert their freedom and equal role in the world without understanding that they only end up taking away their own control through trying so hard at gaining it. A lady in a room full of women controls nothing; a lady in a room full of men is a goddess!

A nation of individual interests and personal gains dictates the trends and the modern international trend is to abandon family, children, kitchen and everything else and go become a businesswoman, a congresswoman, a superwoman and if there’s any kind of woman left, that too.  If ladies desire more credit then I bid them well and success in all their endeavors but I just hope that real men won’t die out waiting for their loved ones to come back and once again rule over their hearts and minds with saccharine words and gourmet cooking. THE NEWS BLOG

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