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ICJ statement on the UN Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations on Pakistan

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The UN Human Rights Committee, the treaty-monitoring body responsible for overseeing states’ compliance with the ICCPR, issued its Concluding Observations and recommendations on Pakistan today.
Please find the Concluding Observations attached.
Some of the Committee’s recommendations include:
·       Ensure the National Commission for Human Rights is able to carry out its mandate independently and effectively;
·       Reinstate the moratorium on the death penalty;
·       Abolish mandatory death penalty and ensure the death penalty is provided only for the “most serious crimes” involving intentional killing;
·       Criminalize enforced disappearance and put an end to the practice of enforced disappearance and secret detention;
·       Ensure that all allegations of enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings are promptly and thoroughly investigated; all perpetrators are prosecuted and punished with penalties commensurate with the gravity of crimes;
·       Review legislation relating to the military courts with a view to abrogating their jurisdiction over civilians as well as their authority to impose the death penalty;
·       Reform the proceedings of military courts and bring them into full conformity with Articles 14 and 15 of the Covenant to ensure a fair trial;
·       Ensure that all elements of the crime of torture are prohibited in accordance with article 7 of the Covenant;
·    Repeal all blasphemy laws or amend them in compliance with the strict requirements of the Covenant; and
·    Review policies and legislation on registration of international NGOs, including the vague grounds on which registrations can be cancelled.
In a statement issued today, the ICJ has urged Pakistani authorities to esnure effective implementation of the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee. The statement can be accessed here:
International Commission of Jurists
 Courtesy  HRCP 

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