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HED takes notice of poor condition of public colleges

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The Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) on Thursday took notice of the poor condition of public colleges of the province.
The department wrote to all the directors,deputy directors and principals about the problems in administration/operations of the government colleges and asked them to improve their performance. The department took action after Punjab Minister for Higher Educator Raja Yasir Hamayun Sarfraz visited the Govt Postgraduate College Chakwal on Sept 16.

According to an HED report, available with Dawn, the minister had noticed many problems in governance/administration/ operations of the college, including choked main entrance to the college due to long grass and bushes, no college map, clean drinking water and proper toilet facilities in the college. The problems that the minister noticed in the college also included filthy environment, lack of cleanliness in classrooms which had dust and cobwebs, IT lab and many other rooms and laboratories locked since long, haphazardly placed furniture, poor condition of notice/information boards and the newly-built Auditorium Hall guarded by a number of sleeping stray dogs.

Moreover, playgrounds and lawns of the college were also covered with untrimmed grass and bushes and were looking like a jungle in the heart of the city while most parts of the college were found encroached upon. These allissues presented a picture of neglect and bad management by those heading the college. Above all, the principal was unaware of the issues of the college affairs, teachers and students and was unwilling to work as principal.

According to the report, the minister made it clear that the negligence in the maintenance of the college campuses/of fices in accordance with all the directions already issued for cleanliness of the colleges/officesshall not be tolerated at any cost.

`The observations so recorded are furnishedhereunderforgeneralinformationof all concerned to remain very vigilant regarding the proper maintenance of their respective college campuses/offices, failing which strict disciplinary action shall be got initiated/taken against the delinquent of ficers/officials under prevalent rules,` the report added.

According to sources at the Chakwal college, the real issue is the unavailability of a regular principal as the current principal was almost forcibly given the charge of the post as no other senior professor of the college was willing to take it after the last regular principal retired about six months back. They said the college needed a regular principal and without a regular head, there was little chance of improvement in situation. They said the minister had visited the college on Sunday (day off) and all the labs were supposed to be closed on the weekend.

Director Public Instructions (colleges) Nasrullah Virk told Dawn the department had given one week time to the principals of colleges to improve management or face action under the rules. He said the department would not only take action against the principals but also against the director and deputy director colleges of the respective areas where it found any negligence. He said he had directed all the directors and deputy directors colleges of the province to personally visit the colleges of their areas and improve the administration and management there.

`I was shocked that the principal of the Government Post Graduate College Chakwal had completely failed to improve administration. I have issued several instructions, including starting a tree plantation campaign and was receiving good reports,` he added.

Mr Virk said the principal of the said college had replied that they could not maintain the college due to summer vacation rather than accepting his poor administration.

I will personally pay surprise visits in the colleges of the province and will also convene meeting of all the directors and deputy directors of the colleges next week to get report about the administration,` he added.  Imran Gabol   DAWN

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