Saturday , 7 December 2019

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  • Indo-Pak tensions at highest level after indian violation of LOC.
  • World urges Pak, India to de-escalate tensions, hold talk.
  • OIC condemns Indian terrorism in held Kashmir.
  • International community lauds Pakistan efforts for peace.
  • PM Imran Khan desires peace as it intends to work for poverty alleviation, investment and job creation.
  • Pak returns Indian Pilot in Peace gesture.
  • "Sustainable Business and Responsible Investments"Berlin Economic Forum 2019 will be held on 6-10 March.
  • UN-ESCAP: "Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality in Asia and the Pecific" 27-29 March 2019 Bangkok Thailand.
  • DW Global Media Forum Bonn" Shifting Power" Scheduled on May 27-28, 2019.
  • Rs 700 bn illegal assets traced in 10 countries. Govt
  • People will see noticeable change in 2 months. IK
  • Dialogue not war is course to peace. Pak Army
  • NAB arrested 476 accused on corruption in 11 months.NAB
  • Govt Housing Dream to cost Rs 2 Trillion Yearly. PTI
  • Saudi Arabia invited to join CPEC-IK
  • Pakistan wishes to help reduce tensions in muslim world.IK
  • HLPF Workshop Monitoring SDGs, claiming rights and meaningful participation: Strategies and tools for civil society ; UN NY.
  • Climate Change destabilises water system: ADB
  • China to co operate in field of space-technology under CPEC.
  • Trillions of dollars needed for anti-poverty plan, says UN
  • Corruption eating away at India 'like a termite' PM Modi.
  • Every minute child dies of water related disease. IMF report
  • Thalassemia cases on the rise due to lack of prevention centres.Khi
  • We are protecting children from polio at the cost of our own lives. Polio workers.
  • Pakistan stands for universal ban on nukes.
  • China sets up $50 b Asian Bank.
  • 65 million ADB funding likely for Power.
  • Over hundred environment cases pending due to non-functional tribunals.
  • Pakistan facing serious malnutrition problems.
  • Govt, Media and Army must work jointly for country. PM.
  • 700 shops suspected of selling fake drugs in Lahore.
  • Four task forces established to check altered food. CM Pb.
  • Pakistan urged to adopt Education for All objective.
  • Govt to adopt UNDP poverty measure.
  • Experts stress woman’s role in poverty alleviation. Isb.
  • Satellite telecom vulnerable to hackers. US report.
  • 6.5 Million children in Pakistan are deprived of primary education.UNICEF
  • UK will help Pakistan to educate 4 million children.
  • 1.4 million students covered under PEF scheme and 7.5 billion Rs allocated for this cause. Edu Minster (Pb).
  • Genetics has significant impact on exam results: study
  • Breast cancer causes 40,000 deaths annually in Pak. Doctors.
  • Govt making laws to eliminate child labor.
  • Judicial system will be reformed with lawyers help. LHC CJ.
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DW Global Media Forum: “Shifting Powers.” on May 27-28, 2019

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The global power balance is swiftly changing, creating both challenges and new opportunities for the media. Join us for the 12th annual DW Global Media Forum in Bonn to discuss these “Shifting Powers.”

Our world order has become unstable. We are witnessing an increasing rejection of the global norms and values designed to safeguard lasting peace. Above all, the principle of multilateralism and its security policies based on international cooperation are slowly being eroded.

Instead, inflated national egos and unilateral policies are taking center-stage, along with growing populism and widespread restrictions on human rights. The powerful nations of the world are shifting their economic and military strength towards new political alliances and constellations.

Meanwhile, people in many countries are losing their trust in international institutions and democratic systems with all that their regulatory mechanisms entail. The forces of social discord are threatening social cohesion everywhere.

The role of media in an age of shifting powers

The media and social networks not only report on these developments, but are themselves agents of this global shift in values and political power. Media policy increasingly is becoming part of national and international politics. We are already witnessing how a tweet can change the world; inflaming or calming foreign policy and driving or blocking the global economy.

What consequences will this have for the media? How will newsmakers uphold standards of objectivity in this climate and provide a sense of direction for their audiences? Will the prevalence of algorithms and the continuous emergence of more and more echo chambers lead to further disinformation, in turn fueling the forces of populism and nationalism? How do these shifts in power affect the norms that dominate global politics? How do the media, politics, civil society, culture, science and business interact in this age of “shifting powers”?

The Global Media Forum 2019 will explore the impact of shifting power structures on the international media landscape and evaluate opportunities and challenges arising from digitalization and what influence that will have on trans-national communication.   Courtesy DW

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