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Cellular technology serving as basic need of life in modern age.

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The cellular technology in the modern age has become a necessity in common mans lives and its importance has exponentially grown over the years with its ever increasing usage.

It is not a luxury commodity or service anymore as it serves as a basic need of life to the people.

A cell phone or smartphone helps us to be in touch with our families and maintain a smooth relation with business associates.

In short, the advent of cell phones has really changed the way people by helping them communicate with each other.

The use of cellular technology has also evolved since the time of its inception and it has seen countless changes in the shape of cell phones and their communication methods.

The combination of science, engineering and innovation had transformed the use of cell phones in a way that now; one can communicate with anyone from any part of the world within no time.

A senior official at a mobile phone company on Sunday commented that the prime objective of a cell phone is that it keeps people connected and makes anyone™s everyday business smooth as one can schedule meetings and can update ones business associates about new developments to maintain efficiency and trust.

The users can even send important files to their clients with a strong Internet access through phone within the blink of an eye.

The official said that modern day devices with advanced features are capable of sending as well as receiving files, internet access and most of them have GPS technology that is very helpful for those in the business of transportation.

Another user, Shehryar Ahmed Bhatti said in beginning, the cellular services and handsets were so expensive that a common man could not afford their usage but time has changed and now the same devices and services were in the range of most of the people living on the planet.

There were billions of active mobile phone users and many of them were using it to facilitate their lives and businesses.

Another user Muhammad Irfan who operates rent-a-car service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is also one such man from whom internet services on the phone have become a necessity. He is in services sector but cannot get into direct contact with each and every client, however, client satisfaction is essential for him to keep his business running smoothly. Since he is not running a large corporation, he has to maintain personal contact with new and existing clients to make them feel comfortable and satisfied.

The simplest solution he got for this is staying in contact with his clients through his cell phone.

Whatever business he is doing, connectivity and service efficiency are vital to be successful and Muhammad Irfan knows this very well, that is why he is able to manage a small business with limited resources wonderfully well.

He said the key in his profession is to be in contact always not only with customers but employees, drivers, investors and mechanics as well, adding that the best way of getting connected with all of them is a reliable cellular connection that enables to stay in touch with all stakeholders of his business instantly.

œI started the business on a small scale but now I have a 15-car fleet and I am dealing with clients from embassies, foreign NGOs and corporates,Irfan said.

He said, œThe thing I like the most about this profession is that it gives me a chance of getting connected with people and this habit helps me facilitate customers on a personal level and in return, they regard my services by the continuity of their business to my company.

The Economist™ reports that the flow of information in the 21st century will be equal to oil in the 20th century. One of the many positive effects of this technological revolution is that it provides equal opportunity across the board. Courtesy THE NATIONS


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