Wednesday , 12 May 2021

Latest News
  • Coronavirus inflicts estimated Rs 30 BN loss on Pakistan's economy.
  • SAARC nations vow to jointly fight COVID 19.
  • IMF decides two years debt service relief for poor states.
  • To fight CoronaVirus, PM Imran Khan announces a youth force and charity fund.
  • British PM Boris Johnson & health minister tests positive.
  • Record rise in Italy death toll takes to 9134 due to CoronaVirus.
  • The Pandemic is accelerating at an exponential rate.
  • Fight against Coronavirus is not option, its obligation. WHO
  • WHO Director-General calls on G20 to Fight, Unite, and Ignite against COVID-19
  • Containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid19.

Education and Awareness Projects




Today, around 5.5 million children are out of school in Pakistan. The poor state of education in the country is evident from Pakistan’s position on the Education Development Index, as the country has the second highest rank in the world after Nigeria. Additionally, Pakistan also has the highest number of illiterate adults in the world after India and China.

The “State of Pakistan’s Children” reveals that the children living in Pakistan have to cope with a lack of educational opportunities, poor health conditions, a near absence of protection for poor and vulnerable children.

Achieving the goal of universal education will require a universal commitment. If all the children on earth, including the most vulnerable, excluded and marginalised, are made aware of their rights to a quality education, all sectors of society will indeed be energised, committed, and motivated to action.

Media Initiatives for Social Change Org. is a partner in commitment and engagement of a broad range of stakeholders, from parents, teachers and local school boards to district and national authorities, policymakers, investors, non-governmental and civil-society organisations, international institutions and donor governments to achieve the agenda of 2015-16 and now SDG’s, 2030.

Media Initiative’s Projects.

1-  Advocacy Campaigns for EFA(Education for All)

2- Gender equality campaigns.

3- Motivational programs through TV Channels.

4- Free Book distributions

5- School at your Door Step project.

6- Teachers Capacity Building programs.

7- Community Development campaigns.

8- Chief Minister Punjab’s 100 % enrolment campaign partner.

Targeted Locations.

(1)-Dist. Bahawalpur ( HasilPur, Chishtian), (2)   Dist. Lahore.   (3) Dist Sheikhupura, (4) Dist. Gujranwala (5) Dist Gujrat.

(6) Dist. Rawalakot, Hajeera, (7)Dist. Muzafarabad etc.